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Coast Inland Corporation has been in business since 2002. CIC has merged with Danner Construction, Inc. to form a Minority Business Enterprise and is currently certified by the Supplier Clearinghouse (VON 14030074) and the Southern California Minority Supplier De-velopment Council. All information in this SOQ pertains to the current management of Dan-ner Construction, Inc. DCI.

DCI is a General Engineering Contracting Company which offers a variety of services in the areas of Engineering, Environmental Remediation, Grading, General Construction Manage-ment, and Land Strategies. DCI holds California Licenses “A” HAZ “B”. We have over fifty years of experience in the construction industry specializing in both general site construction and environmental remediation. It is our view that today’s market demands a higher level of sophistication from the construction industry to keep up with the changing requirements of to-day’s highly diverse market.

DCI has formed a team of professional companies and engineers that can provide project design, engineering and construction all under one Entity. It is this structure, which allows us the flexibility to work in any construction environment.

A hallmark of our group is that our owner is in the field as well as the office. This gives you a direct decision maker on site to immediately solve issues that often come up during the con-struction process.

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DCI offers a full spectrum of Project Facilitation Services:
  • General Site Improvements inclusive of Grading, Paving, Sewer, Water and Storm Drain
  • Environmental Services and Environmental Remediation
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal and Encapsulation
  • Demolition Plans, Demolition and Materials Recycling
  • Construction Management and Contract AdministrationWe produce superior construction and engineering services.